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We are an independent, not-for-profit, online, and forward-thinking institution that has developed an interdisciplinary approach to aviation programs of study focusing on flight operations. Our institution is regulated by the New Hampshire Department of Education, Higher Education Commission and approved to offer the Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree.

We offer one academic program, an undergraduate degree in Aviation (Bachelor of Science in Aviation – BSAV), implementing a cutting-edge curriculum which is international in scope, interdisciplinary in nature, and addressing the future needs of the aviation industry. The curriculum, focuses on the integration of flight operations training with academics at the undergraduate level. As part of our mission, in addition to serving traditional students, we provide transfer-in credit for licensed aviation professionals to assist them both as they start their aviation careers as well as to provide a pathway for those already in a stable career path to obtain academic credentials.

We are committed in providing our students individualized, technologically advanced, and cutting-edge higher education applied to aviation; assist our students to engage in professional and personal endeavors that contribute to community and business development; cultivating an interdisciplinary, global, aviation focused, and stimulating intellectual environment in which career practices in general and more specifically in aviation are informed by the highest standards of ethical behavior and academic theory; instilling in our students attitudes and skills for lifelong learning and leadership roles in the global economy, and; serve as global center of intellectual excellence in aviation where teaching and practice are intertwined.

Board of Directors

A diverse Board of Directors governs the New England Aeronautical Institute. Our directors are a diverse group of prominent academics, business, and political leaders with significant professional experience, primarily from the United States, and particularly New Hampshire, as well as internationally, reflecting the global vision of the institution. The current composition of the Board is as follows: