Student applications for admission can be submitted at any time during the year and are processed in the order received. Students are admitted in a rolling admissions manner to the next academic term. Academic terms follow the quarter system and run for 10 weeks and normally begin in October, January, April, and June of each year. Courses are offered via the institution’s Virtual Learning Environment based on Microsoft 365. The following is the Institute’s Academic calendar for Academic Year 2023-2024


  • Student Orientation Week - October 2
  • First Day of Classes - October 9
  • Final Day to Add/Drop a Course for Full Tuition Refund - October 16
  • Community Meeting with the President - October 23
  • Fall Break - November 20-24
  • End of Regular Term - December 22
  • Recess - December 23-January 14

  • Student Orientation Week - January 8
  • First Day of Classes - January 15
  • Final day to Add/Drop a course for full tuition refund - January 22
  • End of Regular Term - March 22
  • Break (Continuing Students) and Student Orientation Week (New Students) - March 25

  • First Day of Classes - April 1
  • Final day to Add/Drop a Course for Full Tuition Refund - April 8
  • End of Regular Term - June 7

  • Student Orientation Week - June 10
  • First Day of Classes - June 17
  • Final day to Add/Drop a Course for Full Tuition Refund - June 24
  • End of Regular Term - August 22

Our Admissions team evaluates applications and support materials for admissions and decides upon the acceptance and placement of students. All application support documentation should consist of either the original documents, appropriately certified electronic copies, or notarized copies. Since the language of instruction and administration is English, documents that are not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations.

Admission decisions are based on prior academic performance, non-academic experience with emphasis in the aviation industry, licensure holdings, involvement in civic engagement activities, and proficiency in the English Language.

The following are the minimum requirements for unconditional admission:

  • High school Diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent.
  • English Language Proficiency.

Student applicants must submit the following in order to qualify for admission consideration:

  • A completed undergraduate admissions application (available online through the link in the home page)

Once the completed application has been submitted the following will be requested by our admissions team and must be submitted electronically for the process to be completed:

  • Official Diploma, transcripts, and certificates of all secondary and post-secondary schools attended.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency for non-native English speakers
  • A digital head shot photograph
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport/official identity card.

English Proficiency can be demonstrated by one of the following or other appropriate means:

  • A high school Diploma and/or transcript from an institution whose language of instruction is English, including International Baccalaureate Certificate or Diploma.
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education Certificate (GCSE).
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 5.5.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum iBT total score of 80.
  • Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) with minimum score of 750.
  • University of Michigan Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE).
  • University of Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE).

SAT and ACT scores, though not required for admission, will be important in assisting the Institute with its admission decisions. Applicants must make their own arrangements for the examinations and have the results forwarded to the Institute. An interview is required for every applicant who appears to meet the standards for admission. Interviews will be arranged through the use of technology as a camera on conference call so that the identity of the applicant is verified.
The Institute will reserve the right to make inquiries concerning the accuracy of the information provided in the candidate’s application. Decisions on admission are made in good faith on the basis of information provided by the applicant and their referees. If the Institute discovers at any time that false statements have been made or material information withheld or omitted, it reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission or to terminate registration.

Under certain circumstances, student applicants who demonstrate strong potential for successful completion of the program, but do not meet all entrance requirements, may be considered for conditional admission. Students admitted in this manner must successfully remove any outstanding conditions within the time period stipulated by the Chief Academic Officer in their admissions letter in order to achieve unconditional status and officially continue in the program.

In addition to degree seeking students, we accept non-degree students. Non-degree students are limited to a total of 40 credits and receive a transcript for their academic achievement.

Our Institutional Catalog provides detailed information on our admissions requirements and academic policies.

Student Services

Academic support, career support, and psychological counselling services are offered to students who need them through teleconferencing by qualified counselors who are on contract. Appointments can be booked for those services through the Student Portal, which is where students can find more information about each service.

The Institute will make every effort to support students with special needs in order to successfully complete their studies and integrate into academic life. Our aim is to ensure equal access to learning to all empowering individuals with special needs in their personal and academic progress. In the case where the special needs have been already identified, prior to admission, the student has the responsibility of providing diagnostic evidence to the Chief Academic Officer. With the student’s informed consent, we will create an appropriate course of action at the recommendation of a licensed counselor. All services that will be provided by Institute will be confidential and subject to the student’s informed consent.

Tuition and Fees


Tuition is 180 $ per credit. A student completing all 120-credits required for graduation will spend 21,600 $ for their undergraduate education. In addition, students are subject to a 50$ application fee and a 50 $ graduation fee. The application and graduation fees are non-refundable. Tuition is refundable if the student withdraws before the day that the course commences. After the start of the course, 50 percent of tuition is refundable up until the end of the second week of the term, where the drop add period ends. Starting with the third week of the Term, tuition is not refundable. Currently the Institute uses only 10 week Terms in the offering of its academic program.


In addition to tuition, the following fees have been instituted and payable as noted:

Fees Amount Payable
Graduation Fee
Upon graduation clearance and at the latest 30 days prior to commencement
Stop-Out Fee
Students not registering for a specific period within the academic year
Confirmation of Studies and other official confirmations fee
Enrolled students or alumni requesting a confirmation of studies or other official confirmations
Official Transcript fee
Enrolled students or alumni requesting an official transcript

Financial Assistance & Scholarships

NEAI is committed to helping students with exceptional promise enroll in appropriate academic programs and through academic study and application succeed in their quest to acquire knowledge and competencies that will make a difference in their personal and professional lives. Current and prospective students may apply for Financial Aid and for Scholarships. Students may apply for consideration for work-study support, fellowships, and research assistantships at any time during the academic year directly to the institution’s Chief Financial Officer. Selected students may have up to 50% of tuition waived in exchange for agreed upon work during the academic year. Financial support is awarded to students based on need and takes the form of Student Assistantship. Scholarships (Fellowships and Assistantships) are awarded to students based on academic achievement and special consideration. All financial awards are reviewed periodically and can be suspended or revoked if a student does not maintain academic standing appropriate to the award or does not demonstrate appropriate conduct within the Institute.